Living the Dream…

Mother’s Day seems appropriate for the debut post of MamaTriDOc….I’d say “ideal, just right, perfect”….but as I have stalled for weeks now secondary to waiting for that unobtainable moment of perfection, I realize that “appropriate” or even “only possible” might be the better way to go.

My husband has asked me repeatedly today about my dream for the day – a phrase we use to inquire about plans, both small and of the day-to-day as well as those that might change life’s course dramatically.  While many times my response may lead us to seek adventure, create a new, or perhaps relive an old, tradition, today I find myself happy to “live the dream” by enjoying each moment as it unfolds.  What has the dream entailed so far?

Making Paleo waffles and watching my littlest use a fork to eat them, which was both cute and a revelation in slowing down her FormulaOne-esque speed in eating

Experimenting with a new muffin recipe  (my theory is once the kitchen is messy from baking, might was well make the most of it) with success!

Getting littlest (now with a belly full of waffles!) to snooze while the biggest and middlest play quietly with the box of no-instructions Legos

Appreciating a fellow physician taking the time to speak with me personally about a consult to ensure best, most appropriate care for a mutual patient and make best use of all of our time

Having a quiet moment to actually write something here and initiate the blog to share my experience preparing for the Long Course World Championships and own the project I have been mentioning for weeks

I also had a moment to share my appreciation for my family, who have been part of the mothering project – via text message for now, as my ability to distribute cards via the USPS in a timely manner has proven unreliable at best. In doing so, I found myself reflecting on articles I have read through the week regarding Mother’s Day.  Perhaps it is naive, but I was surprised that many held negative connotations and were often underscored by painful experience.  I do hope that this day brings more love than hurt for those who choose to celebrate, or for those who might be inadvertently swept up into the salutation during what would otherwise be just another Sunday.

Today I celebrate the many forms of mothering and think the definition “to look after kindly” speaks to the broad array of roles and relationships we might honor on this day.  Perhaps this makes you think of your own mother or child, another family member, a friend, a community, a creature furry, feathered or scaled, a piece of nature or your work.  I hope of these you can find at least one that you can appreciate having been a part of the giving and receiving of kindness.  May you remember and express gratitude to those who have looked after you kindly and may you be acknowledged and honored by those after whom you have kindly looked.

And now, for the rest of the day…I will take the dream as it comes, in each unfolding moment.  Perhaps in the pool, a spin on the bike (though our drizzly day may cancel that choice), a run through the streets or a family drive to see some tulips.  In any case, I am grateful to have had the time now to initiate my sharing of the road to Sweden in June and hope to have overcome the greatest challenge of writing and training – inertia!  But now, my littlest awakens and so begins the next moment.  May you live your dream today!



7 thoughts on “Living the Dream…

  1. Good for you! And for the record I️ never said an apple seed wouldn’t grow a tree – just a different apple;)

    Glad you are posting again.


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